With its compact size and ease of storage, the ROC BarrierTMdeploys rapidly at speeds of up to 54.7 kilometres (34 miles)1per hour after an oil spill occurs, and the beginning of the film laminate is tossed from the back of any small watercraft creating a barrier around the forming oil slick or spill. As the film laminate lands in the water, the friction of the water holds it in place. While the watercraft circles the perimeter of the oil spill, the film laminate continuously streams from the dispenser to immediately contain and prevent the spill from becoming a run-away slick.

An environmental breakthrough, the ROC BarrierTM is the first of its kind to be recycled with the oil during the cleanup process. Final remediation is done using existing methods.

Download the ROC Barrier Fact Sheet:

ROC Barrier Fact Sheet