Here’s what customers have to say about Murrenhil’s rapid oil containment systems:

“fast deployment”   “easy to use”    “intuitive”

Pacific Environmental Corporation

“The ROC Barrier™ containment system is a well thought out product that provides a simple but effective response to an oil spill on water. A very compact package and user friendly design, make it convenient to store and easy to deploy. We recommend the ROC Barrier, for fueling docks and remote locations where a fast response is desirable but a minimum of equipment is available.”  David “DC” Carter, Honolulu

Brickyard Cove Marina

“We had a boat sink at a local private homeowners dock, not ours, and were called by the owners to help. Within 30 minutes the BYC crew had launched the small whaler, arrived on scene and encircled the boat/dock and contained the fuel that was coming out. None of the crew had any experience with the product other than a verbal explanation of how it worked. They were able to do the job intuitively.” Rick Franz, Marina Manager, Pt. Richmond

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