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ROC BarrierTM (Rapid Oil Containment) System

The ROC BarrierTM is available in 1000, 2000 and a double 1000 foot barrier/boom.

The dual 1000 foot barrier/boom system, the ROC BarrierTMXL1000 is unique for deployment in rougher waters, saving valuable time, and preventing a runaway slick.

The ROC BarrierTM XL 1000 dual corral system allows the barrier/boom to begin adsorbing the oil it’s meant to contain, doubling the adsorption rate of the original ROC BarrierTMsystem.

Replacement rolls are available for the ROC BarrierTM1000, the ROC BarrierTM2000 and the ROC BarrierTMXL1000.



The ROC Oil Cling Pad is a unique patent pending collection and containment device for spilled fuels/hydrocarbons during refuelling, transferring and transport. The device uniquely collects the hydrocarbons without absorbing water, pulling in up to 40% more hydrocarbons than conventional pads, with minimal loss of hydrocarbons during the removal process. Due to its light weight and compact size, the ROC Oil Cling Padcan be carried onboard any size water craft, or vehicle, making it readily available when a spill occurs. TheROC Oil Cling Pad can be recycled with the recovered hydrocarbons, avoiding disposal into landfill sites mitigating the impact of environmental pollution incidents.

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