At Murrenhil Corporation, we share a passion for protecting the planet’s water – now and in the future. Our company was formed out of the critical need for a more advanced method of preventing the disastrous ecological effects of oil spills.

Oil spills from tankers, barges and other vessels, pipelines, storage tanks, facilities and rigs occur daily around the world, spreading out over the water and ultimately reaching the shoreline where they undoubtedly have the greatest impact.

Research shows that contingency planning is an important step in ensuring an effective and timely response to oil spills. That’s why we’ve gone to great lengths to develop and introduce the world’s fastest first response oil containment system. Designed to stop oil in its tracks, the patented ROC BarrierTM will rapidly contain an oil spill before it ever reaches the shoreline, protecting marine life and preserving our water supply.

Our global goal is to ensure all marinas, ports, harbours, shipping lanes, beaches, waterfront resorts, and water conservation areas are prepared with the ROC BarrierTM, so that it is readily available to be deployed quickly after an oil spill occurs.

Our mission

Murrenhil Corporation is dedicated to the sustainable development of environmental protection technology for use worldwide. It is our goal to affect positive changes and to further the development of safer practices of those industries involved in potentially hazardous operations that may directly or indirectly affect the global environment.