TORONTO, Ont., July, 14, 2008 – Today, Ontario-based environmental protection technology leader Murrenhil Corporation launched the world’s fastest response oil containment system, designed to reach and trap an oil spill within minutes, protecting our oceans, lakes, rivers, streams and coastal areas from ecological disaster.

More than a dozen oil spills occur every day in Canada,1 leaving an undeniable footprint on our environment. They contaminate our water supply, significantly impact our health, and destroy helpless marine life and coastal wetlands unable to avoid their deadly pursuit.

“Clean, safe water is vital for sustaining our health and our environment, yet without the critical resources to prevent its contamination from oil spills, our water supply is at great risk,” says Glenn Murray, president of Murrenhil Corporation. “That’s why we’ve developed the ROC BarrierTM, a first-of-its-kind response system designed to reach and contain an oil spill rapidly – before it spreads out over the water and stretches onto the shoreline where it has the greatest ecological impact.”

Deployed from the back of a watercraft at speeds of up to 54 kilometres per hour, the ROC (Rapid Oil Containment) BarrierTM is over five times faster than conventional oil containment booms.2 While the watercraft circles the perimeter of the oil spill, the barrier’s film laminate continuously streams from the dispenser to quickly contain and prevent the spill from becoming a run-away slick.

The potential for disastrous oil spills on our waterways, including the Great Lakes, which contain nearly 20 per cent of the world’s fresh water, is significant. A recent spill caused by a pipeline leak dumped an estimated 20,000 litres of oil into Alberta’s Red Deer River which feeds popular swimming spot Gleniffer Lake, cutting off the drinking water supply to families and tourists in the area.3

Oil spills not only affect our water supply, but they can significantly impact our health from inhaling a spill’s vapours to eating contaminated seafood. Research shows that contingency planning is an important step in ensuring a timely and effective response to oil spills.

The ROC BarrierTM is the only available oil containment system small enough to allow tankers, ships and other watercraft, barges and rigs, marinas and all other water entry points to store it on site so that it can be deployed quickly following an oil spill. Made in Canada, the ROC BarrierTM uses a combination of proprietary high-extension sorbent barrier, along with a patent-pending, extremely compact and easy-to-use deployment system to ensure the rapid response and containment of oil spills unlike anything used in the marketplace today.
The effects of oil spills on Canadian marine life are staggering. A recent study at Memorial University of Newfoundland estimates that every year more than 300,000 seabirds are killed by oil off the south coast of Newfoundland alone.4 Oil spills have the greatest ecological impact on coastal areas where they destroy habitats, wetlands and beaches. Last summer’s pipeline spill in Burnaby, B.C. saw an estimated 234,000 litres of oil spread out over the water making its way down to Burrard Inlet and harming helpless marine life in its path.5

The ROC BarrierTM is the only available oil containment system designed to recover up to 100 per cent of the oil from a spill – without absorbing the water. Even better, the oil can be reused, dramatically reducing the economic cleanup costs.

“Our global goal is to ensure all marinas, ports, harbours, shipping lanes, beaches, waterfront resorts, and water conservation areas are prepared with the ROC BarrierTM, so that it is readily available to be deployed quickly after an oil spill occurs,” says Murray, adding, “we plan to launch the ROC BarrierTM internationally later this year.”

Murrenhil Corporation has created a unique partnership opportunity allowing companies to put their corporate logo on its containment systems, in an effort to help distribute the ROC BarrierTM to marinas across Canada and prevent further environmental damage from oil spills on our water. For more information or to order the ROC BarrierTM, visit or call 1.800.808.1927.

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About Murrenhil Corporation
With an unwavering commitment to protecting the planet’s water, Murrenhil Corporation was formed out of the critical need for a more advanced method of preventing the disastrous ecological effects of oil spills. Murrenhil Corporation is dedicated to the sustainable development of environmental protection technology for use worldwide. The company aims to affect positive changes and to further the development of safer practices of those industries involved in potentially hazardous operations that may directly or indirectly affect the global environment. For more information about Murrenhil Corporation, visit

Attention broadcast media: B-roll quality footage demonstrating how the ROC BarrierTM is deployed is available


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